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Cambridge Street Players

The Christmas Dinner Scene
adapted from Great Expectations

The Cambridge Street Players is Cambridge Devised Theatre's younger, shorter, mostly outdoors sibling. The Christmas Dinner Scene, adapted from Mr Dickens' Great Expectations Cambridge Street Players' exuberant physical and verbal comedy brings the Christmas scene to life, with all its pomposity and self-importance, terror and guilt, aided by willing volunteers from the audience.

20 minutes long, this great show for Christmas is suitable for indoor or outdoor venues. Cambridge Street Players' first show, it was adapted from 'Great Expectations' by Ros Connelly specifically for 2012, Dickens' bicentenary year. It has already been successfully performed indoors at Anglia Ruskin's Dickens' Conference and was a great success playing nine times at the three-day outdoor Dickens' Festival in Rochester.

Director: Jenny Culank (Classworks Theatre)
Writer: Ros Connelly
Costumes: Sue Pearson, Classworks Costumes

The Players
Uncle Pumblechook Barry Evans
Older Pip/Magwich Simon Jones
Mrs Joe Sylvie England
Mr Wopsie Alan Hay



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