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Cambridge Devised Theatre in Education

Ros Connelly delivers an interactive lecture to give further background to ‘Ellen: Her Triumphant Women’ for groups who are interested to learn more about Ellen Terry, her remarkable family, and their place in theatrical history.

Ellen Terry, Edy and Edward Gordon Craig – Changing Theatre

The lives of Ellen Terry and her children, Edy and Edward Gordon Craig, not only spanned some of the greatest changes in western theatre but were actively influential in those changes and in how theatre is perceived today.

This lecture glances back at the uncluttered space of the Elizabethan stage, then delves into the darkness that is Victorian theatre and comes up smelling of lime and gaslight, striking melodramatic poses and filling the stage with casts of hundreds. It struggles through the transition to satirical wit and the modern woman and finds itself emerging into minimalism, puppet actors, moody lighting and the birth of fringe theatre. Peppering the route with great names – Shakespeare (of course), Sir Henry Irving, George Bernard Shaw, Ibsen and Stanislavski – it asks: what roles did Ellen Terry’s family really play?

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